Accept Bitcoins at Your Business

Xtremcoin is a convenient online payment tool that combines functions of several cryptocurrency wallets and bank cards virtual and plastic ones.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet

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Make your business more versatile and customer friendly
– accept Bitcoin as a payment from your clients

XTRemCoin provides quickest, safest and cheapest Bitcoin integration for business: risk-free bitcoin exchange services with low fees


Bitcoin transactions are nearly
instantaneous only taking
a couple of minutes


Bitcoin transaction costs are
close to nothing


Bitcoin usage is only limited by
Internet availability


No chargeback fraud

How does it work?

Accept Bitcoin - receive your currency

XTRemCoin allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin, receive your funds instantly, in your currency, directly into your account with no frozen reserves. Also no chargebacks or refunds!

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Bitcoin Payout Solutions

Enable bitcoins as a payout option for your customers and employees, as well as empowering bitcoin remittances in your business

Mass bitcoin payment solutions allow the processing of bulk bitcoin payments and broadcast payments to blockchain

How does it work?

XTRemCoin eliminates all technical issues regarding bitcoin integration for businesses. We offer a reliable and ready-to-deploy installation via the e-commerce plugins or Bitcoin Payment Processing API. Accept your first bitcoin order today.