Xtremcoin is a convenient online payment tool that combines functions of several cryptocurrency wallets and bank cards virtual and plastic ones.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet

{{'Create a bitcoin wallet and get your bitcoin address to start receiving bitcoins.' | translate}}
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Fast to Use Bitcoin Wallet

Store, send, and receive your bitcoins using a secure and easy to use bitcoin wallet

Enjoy financial flexibility while benefiting from integrated instant exchanges and other functionalities

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

XTRemCoin offers a mobile Bitcoin wallet to help you trade on-the-go

Simply download the wallet app on iOS, Android, or Windows, and start exchanging on your mobile phone

With the XTRemCoin Mobile Bitcoin wallet you will be able to immediately buy or sell BTC and send or receive Bitcoins anywhere in the world

Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallets are protected by advanced authentication methods, so only you have access to your wallet

99% of digital currency is stored in protected offline storage (deep cold wallet) to secure funds

Blockchain Wallet

The XTRemCoin mobile and online wallet allows you to easily trade, send, and receive bitcoins and other blockchain based digital currencies wherever you go

Enjoy full access to blockchain and manage your bitcoin addresses linked to your XTRemCoin wallet

Bitcoin Wallet API

Use a secure application programming interface to integrate the XTRemCoin bitcoin wallet directly into your applications

  • Check your balance
  • Send and receive Bitcoin
  • Buy and sell Bitcoins
  • Make bulk payments